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How to Create Your Ideal Future

Four questions you need to answer!

There’s been a theme to many of my conversations this summer: "I don’t know what I want to do with my life”! We have all exclaimed those sentiments, probably more than once. The pleading looks upon the horizon, the desperation in the pit of our stomachs…who holds the key to your future? You do! You have the answer already within; it’s time to ask the questions to dig it out.

Let's create your ideal future! Set some time aside to reflect on the following questions:

  1. What makes you come alive? What, when you are either actively doing it or even just thinking about it, makes your heart feel like it’s going to burst? It excites you. It makes you feel a deep joy inside. It energizes you. You can close your eyes and see yourself doing it as if it were already a memory. It’s vivid and alive. What is it? (This may be a vulnerable area. Try to let go of the mindset that “it’s silly” or “it’s impossible” and write it out.)

  2. Are there dreams/visions/desires that keep popping up year after year? You may have dismissed them, laughed at them, or excused them away, yet they keep coming to mind repeatedly. Spend some time with those things. What is making you push them away? Fear? Self-doubt? Limiting beliefs? Current circumstances? An old mentality? (Spoiler alert- you can change all those!)

  3. How will you live today to build for tomorrow? What you do daily will ultimately create your future. It’s building foundations, adding walls, windows, insulation, etc. Every seemingly little routine or habit you create is building your dream, and you can build properly or cut corners – it’s up to you. In the end, your workmanship will show itself.

  4. Who are you being? What core values and principles are currently guiding you? Is that who you want to be? We often are unaware of the values and principles guiding our decisions. We have blindly accepted them either by agreeing with society, or they were inherent in our upbringing. Until we intentionally take stock of values guiding our decisions, we live by other people's principles. You need to not only know what values and principles you will live by, but you must also take a stand for them.

Your vision for your ideal future will take shape as you reflectively answer these questions. There may be significant changes needed or only minor ones. Seek support to continue your journey. You are worth it!

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