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Dare to Dream (Again)

Remember when you were a child, most of your time was spent dreaming? Daydreaming, as well as nighttime dreaming. Ahhh, those were the days! A cardboard box became a spaceship in the blink of an eye. A pillowcase made you a superhero, and nothing, absolutely nothing, could stop you from winning! What happened? When did we stop dreaming for ourselves? It’s time to bring our imaginations, hopes, and dreams back!

Too often, our thoughts box us in more than outside influences, commonly done on an unconscious level. As days pass by, we come to accept the status quo of our lives and circumstances blindly; perhaps we are too busy to take the time to reflect, question, and dream a little. We may be functioning with so many limiting beliefs that our sight of any possible change is darkened. Whatever the case, make today the day you begin to shake things up!

I had previously talked about how vital small steps are in one's journey. The first small step is dreaming the dream – envisioning the change in your life. You must see it clearly in your mind to pursue it. What change has been going through your mind as you read this article? Even if it seems “simple,” it’s a great place to start.

Grab a piece of paper with something to write with. Take a few moments and deep breaths, and permit yourself to imagine your future with this change in place. What do you look like? What do you feel? What is surrounding you? What is gone? Hold onto the image. Tweak it any way you need to until that smile appears. Deep exhale now and write freely all that you imagined. There is no need to edit or spellcheck; write without rules.

As you look over this dream, ask yourself if there is anything, no matter how small, that you can do daily that will bring this dream to life in any manner. It could be a change in mindset, an affirmation, a small habit to add to your routine, a new practice – anything that will bring you closer to this future.

Also, write down all the reasons your mind is shouting at you for why you can’t or shouldn’t become that future you. Those are your limiting beliefs. Those are what have been boxing you in, holding you back. Those are very important to acknowledge, dismantle and replace with truth. Speaking with a trusted friend or even a Life Coach can significantly help in this process. This is a process! Our brains have neural pathways which these limiting beliefs have carved out and have been traveling on for quite some time. It will take rerouting those pathways and rebuilding new tracks for new beliefs to become the default. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”.

Just because it will take time or may be difficult should not stop you from dreaming! Think of little you with the pillowcase tied about your shoulders – that child wouldn’t stop just because it got tough! Think of the future you, remember that smile that appeared? Future you is worth the effort.

Hopefully, visualizing one area of your future has inspired you to dream about other areas. I encourage you to make dreaming a regular part of your life again. Taking even just 5 minutes to let your mind wander into the world of possibilities can be very energizing. Keeping notes of these dreams will help you see what patterns emerge, what is truly important to you, and what your purpose in life may be.

Go ahead and get dreaming; I triple-dog dare you!

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