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Every Little Step

Have you found yourself in a space where your progress feels almost non-existent? Perhaps you feel like you’re going in circles instead of forward? Or backward even? Is your overarching vision feeling much fuzzier than just a few weeks ago? Have you messed this thing up, or could you be in a small step of the journey? We often want to skip over the small stuff. We want the big wins, the major milestones, and the massive payouts. Yet, we forget that those smaller steps are sometimes the most significant. I want to remind you of some critical small steps that must be recognized, celebrated, and, most importantly, taken!

The First Step

This is the foundational step to achieving anything in life. You must start. If you’re reading this, you most likely have already taken this step. However, the interesting thing is that it’s not the first action step you took towards your goal. The first step is/was a decision made in your mind. The first step is the creation of the idea. The dream. The goal. The vision. You need to see it before you can pursue it. That is the first step. Sometimes that step happens so many years before any action that many forget or overlook it as something to be celebrated, remembered, and revisited.

The Courageous Step.

This involves pushing past a point of fear along the journey. It could be as simple as hitting send on an email or posting on social media. It doesn’t need to be a colossal act of courage, though it might be in your case. Whatever step takes you out of your comfort zone is courageous. Even if the results were not as anticipated, keep going. The more you step out of your comfort zone, the larger your zone becomes. This is how you grow!

The Evaluation Step.

This might look like a setback. It could be that courageous step that didn’t pan out as you had hoped. It’s when you hit a wall or when something you’re doing gets away from you. It’s when the “ish” hits the fan. It’s intentionally pausing and evaluating where you are, how you got there, and what needs to be adjusted to get back on track. It’s most definitely progress though it feels like anything but!

The Discipline Step.

This is when you do what you set out to do despite not wanting to, not feeling it, no excuses – you do it! It’s a hard small step that needs to be repeated consistently. It’s where your habits, routines, and the foundation for the lifestyle you are going after are formed. These are critical steps! Without these small steps solidified, there will be cracks in your future.

The Y-O-U Step.

This is where you work on you solely. It’s not just a one-and-done step; it’s several steps spread out throughout. And it’s more than developing your self-care routine. It’s your yearly wellness visits, dentist appointments, chiropractors, and massages. Daily affirmations, mindful eating, exercise, fun time, and self-compassion are all focused on y-o-u! It will feel “distracting” from your goal and “selfish” even though these little wonders are your gasoline! These small steps of loving and honoring yourself will fuel you for the larger tasks ahead.

The Persistent Step.

This step is slightly different from the evaluation step. This step must be taken when you know that what you are pursuing is in complete alignment with your vision though you keep hitting roadblocks and when others aren’t jumping on board as fast as you wish. Though naysayer’s nay. This step is the “one more try” step, the “let’s hit from another angle” step, and the “who else can I get in front of?” step. It’s standing firm and steady in the pursuit despite the challenges!

Many more small steps make up your journey. I hope this brings awareness that no step is too small, each step is an opportunity, and every step counts! If you need support in the step you’re in or the one ahead, please click below for a complimentary discovery session.

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