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Lose that Weight! (part 1)

Want to lose some significant weight this summer? The weight that, once gone, will free you to become the best version of yourself. This is not a scam. This is not a diet, exercise plan, or magic pill. I’m talking about losing that heavy, debilitating grudge weighing down your life.

Grudges are tough to let go of. I would venture to bet that losing 10 lbs. of body weight might be easier for some. They are these ever-present feelings of ill will, unforgiveness, resentment, or even deep hatred that we feel towards someone who wronged us in some way. We may feel very righteous in our stance. We may feel that we must hold onto it until justice is served. Yet the grudge isn’t doing what you hope. That grudge isn’t seeking your justice; it’s taking your freedom. It is keeping you weighed down under that original hurt. It adds more stress to your life by taking away bits and pieces of your peace, joy, and growth. That heavy weight keeps you trapped in the past you wish to escape. And this is a hard pill to swallow, but the people you are holding a grudge against are off living their lives while you are captive in yours. (ouch!)

The grudge isn’t seeking your justice; it’s taking your freedom.

That grudge will replay the original event again and again. At different times and to varying lengths. Sometimes you’ll relive the entire scenario; other times, a small sharp piece will suddenly pierce you. Your body will physically respond as if the original event is occurring again. Your body relives all the fight or flight responses, stress, and emotions in real time. You put your body through some pain each time your grudge resurfaces. You cannot heal fully if you are constantly being re-wounded.

(*Please note that this article is not addressing significant trauma. Please seek support from a licensed mental health professional if you are struggling with trauma)

Holding onto that grudge keeps you captive in the mindset you had at that time. Just as physically, your body is stuck in the past; your mind is too. To release the grudge, your mindset must shift from the original perspective. You must view the situation differently, adjust, adapt, and adopt another mindset. Without that shift or release, your mindset is stuck in the muck! You will not be able to grow fully into whom you were created to be without renewing your mind.

A grudge traps your body. It traps your mind. It also traps your future. It’s so difficult, at times impossible, to see the hopes, dreams, and goals for your future when your focus is behind you. The time wasted reliving the past could better serve you by cultivating new ideas and life goals. Limiting beliefs stemming from that grudge are blinding the truth of all the gifts, talents, and ambitions inside you.

Trap. Trap. Trap.

Next week I’ll share 5 steps that will get you out from under the weight of grudges whenever you need. Let's get rid of that weight once and for all. To live more fully in the life you were created for. It's time to be lighter!!

For additional support, feel free to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session below.

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