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Need More Time?!?!

Do you feel like there is just not enough time in the day to get things done? The issue may not be with the clock. Here are three key questions to ask yourself next time you try to squeeze more minutes into your day.

We all lead busy lives. It doesn’t matter whether we are busy with families, careers, or other responsibilities; we all understand the crunch of the clock! The to-do list doesn’t get checked off. The deadlines loom down on us. The paperwork slips under the radar. Every red light is hit on the way to the event when you’re already late. It’s happened to all of us. Sometimes we feel that time is the enemy. Yet what if the issue isn’t with the clock? What if the issue is with our choices? Perhaps time is trying to tell us something helpful.

Next time you feel that crunch, pause and ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do you have to be THE person doing it? Is this something that can be delegated to someone else? This is a big ask for some of us – especially if we have the mindset that no one else can do it correctly. Is that true? I used to run myself ragged with chores around the house, believing I was the only one who would get it done right, which is partially true. I was the only one who would get it done to my exact liking because I was the only one who knew what that was. However, I was not the only one capable of unloading a dishwasher or sweeping the floors. So having a cup placed in the wrong cupboard is a small price to pay for the time I gained and the stress I lost in handling all the household tasks. What will you let go of to gain some time and peace?

2. Does it have to be done right now? Or at all? Where does this item rank on the level of importance in your life? What is the worst that will happen if it doesn’t get done right now? How does that compare to missing out on what you could be doing with the time, energy, or resources instead? Our bodies get used to being busy. They get accustomed to being in the rush of the moment quickly. If we’re not careful, we will fill our days with tasks of little importance simply because our bodies have this void to fill. Teaching your mind, body, and soul what is worth your time and energy is vital. It begins with evaluating what is truly important, necessary, and beneficial to accomplish daily.

3. Are these tasks in alignment with your core values? I often work with my clients on the importance of core values. If we are not solid on those, we can easily be swayed into living according to someone else’s values. It’s very tricky, too, because good is often the enemy of the best! We hesitate to let go of something good simply because we are not solid on what is best for us and our family according to our core values. It’s easier to say no to something when you understand how it detracts from your core values. That FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) becomes JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) when you see how participating negatively impacts your life.

There is time for everything that is purposed for your life. It may not be when we think it ought to be or what we feel it should be. The key is aligning your time with your purpose and trusting that everything will fall into place.

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photo credit: Anete Lusina

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