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Strengthening the weak areas in your life.

I’ve noticed a bizarre trend where I downplay my strengths to people publicly, hoping to distract them from seeing my weaknesses. What has that gained me? Besides anxiety and social awkwardness, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’ve probably missed out on some fantastic opportunities by hiding who I truly am. Well, I’ve decided to be done with all that! It's time to stop hiding and begin strengthening the weak areas in my life. Anyone else?

Look, we all have BOTH strengths and weaknesses. And there is nothing wrong with us admitting to each of those! Out loud. For people to hear. It’s okay. Everyone already knows. I understand it may be easier for some to admit their strengths to others, while others will struggle with feeling conceited (you’re not. That’s another post). Yet for most of us, the real challenge is, admitting our weaknesses and taking steps towards improvement. Choosing to ignore or deny weakness will severely limit what you can accomplish. If you are okay with that, I wish you well. If you’re ready for some growth, read on!

Your weakness is merely a strength waiting to be developed. Know that. Believe that with every fiber of your being because you’ll need to rely on it when it gets tough. Which it will. It has too! Being intentional and tenacious with the following steps will help develop your weaknesses into new-found strengths before you know it!

1. Admit your weakness. It’s so easy to say, but it’s one of the most fought decisions people make. There’s the false humility aspect. You know where you “admit” your bad in one area, but you’re just fishing for compliments or ego boosters. You have zero intention of changing. That’s not this. There’s also the excuses script people go off on. The one where they couldn’t possibly ever be good at that thing because x, y, and z. Nope. No room for that here. I’m talking about an honest admission that you are weak in a specific area with no excuses! No fishing. No blaming. No beating yourself up. Simple “I am weak here, and I am willing to take responsibility to grow.” This admission opens the door to building strength.

2. Be willing to be a beginner. Be humble enough to stink it up for a while. Be gracious and compassionate with yourself as you make mistakes, fumbling and bumbling in the learning process. It may not be pretty at first. There is a reason you remained weak in this area for so long. You’ve been avoiding “the suck”! Face it. Embrace it. This, too, shall pass.

3. Develop it consistently. Every day work on it, even if it’s for 5 minutes. Every day learn from it. Read the books. Listen to the podcasts. Ask the questions. Do the exercises. Practice. Practice. Practice. Grab hold of the mindset that “Practice makes Progress.” Even when you think you have it down, continue working on it. Make it so strong in your life that those other areas of weakness (you didn’t think you had only one, did you?) are jumping at the opportunity to be next.

No matter what area you feel weak in, you can grow. It’s not too late. You are stronger than you believe. Please do not hide away any longer. Be proud of who you are and who you are becoming. You are worthy to be all that God created you to be!

Feel free to set up a complimentary Discovery Session online to explore if Life Coaching can support you in strengthening your weakness.

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