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Time to turn the page! (my final blog & more)

Have you ever had to do a reading assignment you didn’t feel was necessary? You speed read, skipping words (or paragraphs), just wanting to turn the page already. Only to find out later, usually during a quiz, that you glossed over some important facts. That is how 2023 began for me…I skipped a lot of bits that I didn’t think were important, trying to get to what I thought was the final project. No big surprise; I had to start the assignment over again. I failed in some big ways and had to realign my thoughts with the Lord's, and the past 6 months have been W-O-R-K! I’m so excited and relieved to finally be able to turn the page and begin the next chapter. Wait until you see what’s in store for you!!


Yet first, thank you for taking the time to be with me this year! I do not take it lightly that you have chosen to read my blogs. I know your time is precious, and I am grateful! This year has brought tremendous growth for me, and I hope for you as well. Change is a beautiful thing when embraced with the proper mindset. Trusting that the Lord orders our steps eases the uncertainty that accompanies any change.


I am trusting fully in 2024!


In the upcoming year, I will shift from writing blogs to podcasting. I learned I can better communicate what the Lord shows me in a podcast setting. I hope that you will tune in early February for the launch! For those who prefer reading, I will have transcripts available online. I’m also developing deeper reflection questions that go with each episode. It’s going to be a wonderful new experience for all of us!


I am also transitioning to weekly newsletters, which I will keep short and sweet. Packing as much valuable content as possible will bring encouraging and practical strategies to support your mindset renewal. Look for these on Saturday mornings starting in January!


And, if that’s not enough change, I am also launching a beta group coaching community in March! My 1-1 coaching will always be available; this addition gives a different option for those seeking more community as they grow in their faith and navigate personal transformation. Please comment GROUP if you are interested in participating in this beta program.


I’m beyond grateful that I failed in mid-2023! I am beyond grateful that I had chosen to restart, slow down, refocus, and learn all the Lord was teaching me. His ways are higher than ours, and His thoughts are higher than ours. (Isaiah 55:8-9) His plan has proven to be much bigger and better than mine! I can’t wait to see how these new offerings bless your life!


Let’s turn the page together!


Believing in you!


For a complimentary 30-minute session, sign up below.

photo by: Anete Lusina

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