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Five things to make Monday great!

Want to start your week feeling confident, purposeful, and, dare I say, relaxed? Mondays can be challenging, especially if your family has recently returned to a school schedule, but they don't have to be! A few simple tasks on Sunday can make your Monday great.

1. Create a PM Checklist – This tip is purely logistics. Create a list that includes all those little things you cram into your mornings. For example, prep your coffee maker, make lunches, set out clothes/sneakers if you’re working out, set out work/school outfits, set your alarm (lol), prep your breakfast, or at least plan what you’ll eat. These small preps can ease your morning stress a lot!

2. Review your calendar – Part 1: How much is on your calendar? Is there “too much”? What realistically will you be able to accomplish while keeping your peace? Is everything on your calendar supporting achieving your goals in some capacity? Do you need to reschedule, remove, or get help for any items on your calendar?

3. Review your calendar – Part 2: How do you want to show up? Take 5 – 10 minutes to prepare yourself mentally. Visualize yourself in each situation and how you will show up for yourself and others. Jot down an affirmation in your calendar to remind yourself who you want to be in those moments.

4. Practice Gratitude. You knew this was coming! What can you be grateful for? It’s incredible how your mindset can shift positively when you seek something to be grateful for. Don’t wait until you’re in; be grateful in advance for good outcomes yet to come!

5. Take Care of Yourself. It is not selfish to intentionally plan time to take care of yourself. You cannot pour out of an empty cup!! Think of just one way you will care for yourself each day. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive (unless you’d like it to be!) Simple stretches before bed, a time of meditation, reading a chapter in a book, going for a walk. Whatever will refill you, make time for you!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that these five tips can be done any night of the week to set yourself up for success! You will rapidly advance towards your goals as you develop these habits and have more consecutive successful days (life happens; just get back at it!). Being intentional with your time, resources, and mindset will get you where you want to be!

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cover photo by: Kampus Production


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